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Soumyen Adhikari

title="Soumyen Adhikari">Soumyen Adhikari saw the light of day on the 9th December, 1968 in a family devoted to the Muses. Family ambience drew him to music and visual art in his early boyhood. He went to study Fine Arts at Viswa- Bharati but was ordained a Science graduate of Calcutta University. Initiated into the A.B.C. of Music by his father Late Golok Nath Adhikary an unsung hero. Soumyen Learnt Rabindra sangeet, Classico-modern and Modern song from Shyamal chatterjee, Chittopriyo Mukherjee, Probir Mojumder,Amal Mukherjee, Mrinal Banerjee and Kanu Bhattacharjee . His mother Smt. Shefali Adhikary who was compelled to bid adien to music after her marriage, is his greatest muse. In his student life, Soumyen was plessed with the affectionate touch of the Legendary maestro Hemanta Mukherjee and is also a son to Smt. Bela Mukherjee. The valley of music greeted him "Hemanta Smriti Puroskar", Uttam Kumar Smriti Puroskar" and Loke Nath Award" for devotional songs. Cassettes and Cds, containing solo and duet performances of Soumyen with musical Celebrities like Kumar Shanu, Haimanti Shukla, Lopamudra Mitra et al, have been showcased by H.M.V., Gathani, Beethoven Records, Raga Music, U.D.Series,Miley Mishey, H.T. Cassette and the like. Soumyen has rendered his voice in Bengali T.V. serials too. Besides he is a composer and arranger as well. Akasvani F.M. Centre, Kolkata Doordarsan and other Satalight Channels often broadcast his performance and interviews.

He has performed all over India and abroad. In the year of 2003,2004,2005,2006 Soumyen was invited to sing at the Eight United Kingdom Bango Sanskritik Sammelan" held in the Liverpool, where his mellifluous rendition made him a hero-performer among the Indian artistes. His recitals in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester and Bolton, Cast a magic-spell over the audience. Recently, Soumyen was invited to sing at the Indian Embassy in Berlin, Belgium.He also Performed in USA,Canada,Germany,Belgium,Sweden,Newzeland And Singapore.Soumyen Adhikari's fame has now crossed the Atlantic.

Achievements in Career

  • Hemanta Smriti Puroskar (1991)
  • Uttam Kumar Smriti Puroskar (1994)
  • Lokenath Award (1997)

Performance in already Published sound track

  1. "Hey Mahanayak (1994) Bengali Modern Song – Gathami Records.
  2. "Sudhu Bhalobasa diye bola Jai" (1996), Bengali Modern Song – Ananda Cassettes.
  3. "Amar Notun Ganer Janmotithi Elo" (1996), Bengali Modern Song – H. T. Cassettes.
  4. "Tomader Subhokamonai" (1997), Modern song- UD Series.
  5. "Abar Notun Kore" (1997), Old Bengali Modern Song- Beethoven Records.
  6. "Anek Rat" (1998), Old Bengali Modern and Film Song- UD Series.
  7. "Surer Tane" (1999) , New Bengali Modern song -UD Series.
  8. "Mone Pore Jai" (1999), Old Bengali Modern and Film song -Raga Music.
  9. "Miley Mishey" (2000), Kabitar Gaan – H.M.V.
  10. "Tumi Amar"(2000), New Bengali Modern Song –Beethoven Records
  11. "Mayay Miley Mishey" (2002) – Kobitar Gaan – Miley Mishey.
  12. "Ei kothati Mone rekho" (2005) Rabindra Sangeet.
  13. Tagore song -Mileymishey(2006)

Forth Coming publications :

- Play back in Bengali T.V. serial "Chirodiner Gaan"

— Play back in Bengali TV Serial "Shes Bichar"

Performance Abroad

2003: 8th United Kingdom Bango Sanskritik Sammelan' - Liver Pool.
Bangali Performing arts – Glasgaw, Scotland

2004: 9th United Kingdom Bango Sanskritik Sammelan' - Liver Pool.
The Nehru Centre – (Cultural wing of the high commission of India, London)
Ramkrishna vivekananda Mission - bolton,UK.

2005: Cultural wing of Inian Embassy – Berlin, Germany.
Cologne Durga puja - Germany

Berlin Durga puja - Germany
Indian Embassy - Belgium.
Bengali association of Stokholm - Swden

2006 April-May: Mini Bazar Festival - Frankfurt
Nehru center - London

July 2006:
Auckland - Newzeland
Puja Festival:
Cologne Durga Puja-Germany
Bengali Association -Sweden

2007 April
Bango Sammelan,Liverpool ,UK

Singapore Tagare Society
2008-OCT : Montreal, Totonto, NY, SFO, Fresno