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Sarathi Chatterjee

Born in a musical family Sarathi chatterjee is one of the foremost young Hindustani classical vocalists of his generation in India. He received his initial training from his father Prof.Arun kumar Chatterjee,a highly respected and accomplished representative of the Kirana gharana ,and from his mother Smt.Shefali chatterjee.With the never ending quest for music inside him,Sarathi continues to receive 'Talim' from the celebrated and well known Hindustani classical vocalists,Pandit Rajan-Sajan Misra of Benaras gharana,specializing in khayal Gayaki.

Sarathi gave evidence of his immense talent at an early age winning the first prize at All India Radio music competition at the early age of 17.His early sperk of talent has now matured into sophistication,artistry and virtuosity,which has fulfilled the expectations of his peers.

Possessing a powerful and melodious voice,Sarathi's music now,is his own creation blending elements of the Benaras Gharana into the Kirana Gharana 'Gayaki' of his original training.This synthesis of the two great traditions of the Kirana and Benaras Gharanas has produced an unique musical expression and experience.His traditional treatment of 'Ragas' has own acclaim for'not diluting the purity by even a fraction'. Sarathi's performances are characterized by the depth of expression,purity of tone and 'Raga', the systematic development of 'Vistar', the highly complex yet well structured 'Sargams' and 'Taans' which develops and portrays the emotional content of his chosen Ragas.

Apart from Khayal Gayaki,he is also an accomplished performer of more romantic styles of singing such as Thumri and devotional music such as Bhajan.

Sarathi performs regularly at the major music festivals in India including such prestigious festivals at the ITC Sangeet Sammelan in Calcutta,Saptak festival in Ahmadabad,Sangeet Natak Academy festival in aurangabad,Dinanath Mangeshkar festival in goa, Vishnu Digambar Sangeet Samaroh, ICCR concerts in New Delhi..

Sarathi has to his credit a rare oppertunity of performing as a vocal artist in the orchestra conducted by Sitar maestro Pt.Ravi Shankar.

In recognition of the virtuosity of his vocal talents,a set of two CD collection of Sarathi has been released by Asian Music Circuit of UK,a premier institution promoting Hindustani classical music worldwide. These CDs are mainly targeted at the international market.

His music has also won accolades overseas during his performances in UK,Europe and Middle east.

Sarathi is an "A" grade artist of the All India Radio and television and performed in prestigious National programme of music on April 1998 & July 2003. Apart from his musical achievements Sarathi is a qualified Rubber and Plastic Technologist (B.Tech) from Calcutta University.

Compact Discs

  • AMC 0033: Asian Music Circuit, UK: Raga Chhaya Nat and Raga Megh. Released in 2001.
  • AMC 0034: Asian Music Circuit, UK: Raga Komal Rishav Asavari and Raga Bhatiar. Released in 2001.
  • CDAM0301: Aochar Music, Canada: Raga Ahir Bhairav and Raga Puriya Kalyan. Released in 2003.
  • CD/ANAM5051:Ananyo Music,kolkata India:Raga Bhairav,Madhukaunsh & misra khamaj.Released in 2005


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