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Christina (Dipa Moni Patowary)

Temporary address:

Christina (Dipa Moni Patowary)

T-17, Makdoom Shah, WARD NO. 8, MEHRAULI, NEW DELHI -110030

Permanent Address :

Christina (Dipa Moni Patowary)

C/O Chandra Kanta Das, House No.-10, K, Roy Path, Fatashil Ambari, Guwahati, Kamrup ,(Metropolitan)-781025
Assam ,India

NAME: Christina (Dipa Moni Patowary)

Career Objective

o In accomplishing my carrier's endeavour, I always have the power to stay focused, never looking back and marching forward without fear of the untold future.

Ramesh Kher

ramesh khare img
Born on 23rd April 1950 at MHOW (M.P.)
National Diploma in Fine Arts. 1973, INDORE (M.P.)

Solo Exhibition:

1976, 2009 Devlalikar Art Gallery, Indore
1977, 79, 89 Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad Art Gallery, Bhopal
1994,2005,2009 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Shikha Agnihotri

Shikha Agnihotri

Same Candle Light . Same 2min silence.After that same track, same work, same crowded bus, same local train, same jhikjhik, same ignoring old standing man to save the seat, same family tension, same chasing money, Try to move fast to grab the same fantasy. We need more 'same' rather than CHANGE. Hw Long, until someone urs in Pune

Nanda Putty

“Recreating Mysore’s Heritage Buildings Through Paint and Pallattte “

Can there be a Mysorean who hasn’t been carried away by city’s beautiful buildings? Of course all of us do admire the majestic Maharaja palace, the beautiful church, and the nostalgic Oriental Research Institute. But, the artist in Nanda R Putty was so thrilled, that she has embarked on a mission to recreate the beautiful buildings of the royal city. Some of the paintings are on display at Pratima gallery, Ramsons House, near the zoo, Mysore from 24th to 26th January 2010.



Qualufications : Bachelor of Commerce (Mumbai University, India)

Pratul Dash

Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.K. College of Arts & Crafts, Bhubaneswar, India, 1995
M.F.A (Painting), College of Art, New Delhi, India, 1998
Important scholarship :Inlaks
Born: Burla, Sambalpur, Orissa

Animesh Roy

Animesh Roy.jpg Animesh Roy is inspired by the furious passion of Van Gogh, the adventure and grit in Papillon and Robert Louis Stevenson, Messner for being alone with the mountains, the total irreverence and bohemia of Henry Miller, rebellious youths in The Wild One, “What are you rebelling against? What’ve you got?”, the sublime serenity of Tagore and Ray, and courage and greatness of the Mahatma.

Yogesh D. Aundhkar

Yogesh D aundhkar

I got inspiration by seeing Late Divakar Dengle's watercolour landscape in different exhibitions. I am fortunate enough that I had taken some lessons on watercolour techniques, brush strokes from Dengle Sir.

I have completed basic watercolour landscape course with Milind Mulick.I enjoy working landscape and seascape in watercolour.

Kamal Bhandari

Kamal Bhandari
I was born (in 1965) and brought up in Ludhiana, just 315 km north of Indian capital of New Delhi. Though I showed in my early childhood extraordinary indications of excellency in fine art, my involvement with art was interrupted my family demanded me to go for a carrier as a medical doctor. But never the less I would keep drawing anything, which interested him.

Yogesh Verma

Yogesh Verma

Born : 4th June 1985

Qualification : BVA from Rajasthan School Of Arts,Jaipur.

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