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Shahana Sokhi

Shahana started training in tabla from the age of 6, under the guidance of Guruji Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Later in her childhood, she started learning Hindustani classical vocal music as a disciple of Mukul Kulkarni (disciple of Pandit Arun Kashalkar and Pandit Sharad Sathe). Her training in khayal under his careful guidance is predominantly of the Gwalior-Agra gharanas. Her initial training in tabla has given her a better understanding of laya and theka. Her calm and composed demeanour is reflected in her singing, giving equal importance to thought in her singing, the purity and accuracy of notes, as well as the impact her singing makes on listener. Shahana always strives to maintain the authenticity of the art and do justice to her taleem.

Shahana has been teaching vocal music to a few keen students from the USA and UK online and face-to-face for the past few years. Shahana teaches with care and patience, and so is especially keen on teaching young students and children, to pass down what she has gained from her own taleem.

Pulse Connects South Asian Arts Magazine article, July 2016