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Nahid Siddiqui [Kathak Exponent]

Nahid Siddiqui Kathaka exponent
Nahid Siddiqui is one of the finest Kathak dancers and choreographers in the world. Her work has been recognized and acclaimed internationally. She has personally contributed hugely to the growth of and accessibility to Kathak through efforts like starting classes at the Bharatya Vidya Bhavan in London and introducing Kathak into the curriculum at the at the University of Surrey. Nahid's creations have been original and ground-breaking blending traditional and contemporary techniques extending Kathak's repertory and developing it as a universal vocabulary. Nahid has lived in the West Midlands for almost twenty years and has had countless students, performances for major venues, festivals and television world-wide. Her work has received numerous accolades in Britain and around the world, including Pakistan's highest artistic merit. She continues to live, teach and make dance from Britian.

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  • Pride of Performance, Pakistan, 1994
  • Time-Out Award
  • The Digital Award, England, 1992
  • British Cultural Award, 1992
  • International Dance Award, 1991
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz Award

Nahid Siddiqui & Co

Nahid Siddiqui & Co have mounted fourteen productions and toured world-wide since 1991. Nahid continues to create work of the highest quality and depth extending the boundaries of the form and vocabulary; as a choreographer and soloist she breathes contemporary life into a classical dance style. The company has strong relations with the West Midlands Arts Board and Arts Council of England, from where it receives project funding.

Performances and educational outreach programs like workshops, master classes and residencies ensure accessibility to this dance form, especially for those who have little or no previous experience of this or any other dance form. These have enabled her to pass on knowledge, technique and creative skills to local dancers and musicians who often have become core company members for a number of years and have subsequently developed their own dance companies.